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02 March, 2012

Michalis Goudis from the Magazine

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The power of creativity was the theme of the festival “Made in Thessaloniki“. Joachim Schirrmacher was invited as speaker for the Symosium. 

Thessaloniki has a rich tradition in the textile and apparel industry and the festival aims to merge a know-how from the past combined with the fashion of today. Therefore the festival promoted Fashion, Graphic and Industrial Design within a firework of events all around town. The Symosium on Sunday, March 4 in the Auditorium at the Museum of Byzantine Culture takes a more theoretical approach to the creative economy.

Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant for Goverments, Bussiness and Director of the European Fashion Award FASH by SDBI.DE, shows in his lecture how a strong fashion culture grow out of a  strong identity.
He explained the rise of German Fashion – with a first climax during the Golden 1920s, the interruption by the Nazis and their lifestyle propaganda until the emerge of today’s diversity and the change from “deadly boring commercial garments” to Fashion as an instrument of communication, differentiation and orientation – and hope the german experience can help Greece and specially the textile industry around Thessaloniki to discover their own roots. He also gave insights how Berlin emerged to a powerhouse of creativity.

Also on the podium was Ares Kalandides, urban planner based in Berlin. Her presented a project that brings together designers and tailors in the Berlin area of Neukölln, creating unprecedented opportunities for cooperation.
Rozalin Benjamin from the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy reported over the creative industries as one of the fastest growing in Europe.
Dimitri Fakinos founder of the Design magazine +DESIGN and the master mind behind the European Design Festival shared his insights and experiences.

The festival programme was dedicated to professionals, artists, students along with anyone who shares the same interests. The Festival takes place on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the liberation of the city of Thessaloniki.

Part of the extended programme, there was six exhibitons alone, like an overview about Grafic Design from 1980 to 2009 – Macedonian Museum of Conteporary Art, where fashion shows, lectures, workshops under the guidance of experienced professionals and design tours.

The festival took place from 2nd to 8th March 2012, an was organized by Giorgios Toulas and Michalis Goudis from the Magazine “Parallaxi“ in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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