06 August, 2010

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Interviews by Joachim Schirrmacher

In this overview you find only interviews that are available in english (and other languages). For a full overview, please visited the german version.

Katharine Hamnett (Fashion Designer)
“If you can change the fashion industrie, then you can change the world”
Style in Progress 4/2005: “The Language of Quality”

Wolfgang Joop (Fashion Designer)
“I’m interested in breaking rules, experimenting with freedom”
Deutschland magazine 1/2010

Oliver Kahn (Goalkeeper)
“I always hated it when people patted me on the back”
Young Germany, February 12th, 2010: “Oliver Kahn – A sports-star goes back to school”

Bernd Kreuz (Brand Consultant)
“Presentations for agencies are no more than a game of roulette. Only the stakes are higher and the croupier gets to decides who wins”
form 177 1/2001: “What is a Brand?”

Anne Lise Kjaer (Trend consultant)
“It’s not about how much you see; it’s about how you see it”

Style in Progress 1/2006: “Too much of everything and no desire”

Albert Kriemler (Fashion Designer Akris)
“Trivial is doing what everybody else does”
Style in Progress, 3/2006: “The Style of Understatement”

Suzy Menkes (Fashion Journalist)
“I find it very exciting and inspiring the way peopel in Kreuzberg dress”
Deutschland magazine 1/2010 “Berlin has fashion in ist blood”

Reinhold Messner (Mountain Man)
“I am less of who I am todays because of my successes than because of my many failures”
Effekte 4/2001 “A picture-perfect brand name”

Michael Michalsky (Creative Director)
“I see myself as a conductor. I can’t play all of the instruments myself, but I know when one instrument needs to play louder or softer. Without a conductor an orchestra sounds like crap”
Style in Progress 2/2007: “I am Part of the Next Generation”

Michael Otto (CEO, Otto Group)
“It was always important form e to act first, and then talk about it later”
Style in Progress 3/2007: “Fair Fashion is gaining Momentum”

Bruno Pieters (Artdirector Hugo – Hugo Boss)
“Fashion is a tough business. You make yourself very vulnerable”
Style in Progress 3/2008: “I can’t be a different person every season”

Alexander von Schönburg (Editor-in-chief Park Avenue)
“It has become difficult for high-end companies to keep up their brand’s distinction when they make their products availabel to the masses”
Style in Progress 2/2006: “Noblesse oblige”

Raf Simons (Creative Director Jil Sander)
“I want to create something meaningfull and playfull at the same time”
Deutschland magazine 1/2010

Gildo Zegna (Entrepeneur)
“The challenges go by the names of innovation, service, and new ideas”
Style in Progress 4/2005: “Old Europe and the New World”